Wedding Gifts

For the established couple, weddings gifts can be a little tricky – how many toasters and towels do you need if you’ve already set up home? Whether you wish to include wine on your own wedding gift list, or are searching for the perfect wedding gift for the couple that has everything, we can guide you on the best bottles to suit your preference and budget.

Anniversary collection

What about a wine gift pack that features bottles to be opened on a first, fifth, tenth or even twenty-fifth wedding anniversary? We have a few bottles ear-marked for such special gifts, so contact us to find out more.

Reception or party lists

Weddings aren’t cheap these days so many couples now opt to add the cost of drinks to their gift list. You can set up a list with us and your guests can contribute as little or as much towards the drinks bill as their gift to you. We’ll give you plenty of time at the close of the list to arrange to buy anything else you need, and of course deliver everything in one go free of charge to your venue.

Call us free on 1800 99 18 44 or contact us here to discuss setting up a gift plan or to arrange a wedding gift.