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    Curious Whites Mixed Case

    144.88 124.00

    Diverse and fun collection of crowd-pleasing, easy drinking whites.

  • Sale

    Curious Reds Mixed Case

    145.88 124.00

    Varied and boisterous assortment of approachable, everyday reds.

  • Sale

    Curious New World Mixed Case

    145.88 124.00

    12 bottle great value mix of New World wines for fun, casual drinking.

  • Sale

    Curious Old World Mixed Case

    144.88 124.00

    12 bottle value mix of European wines for casual, everyday drinking.

  • Sale

    Top Selling Whites Mixed Case

    171.88 145.00

    The definitive tried-and-tested Curious whites mix: our 12 best-selling whites.

  • Sale

    Top Selling Reds Mixed Case

    165.88 140.00

    The definitive tried-and-tested Curious reds mix: our 12 best-selling reds.

  • Sale

    Top Sellers Mixed Case

    169.88 142.00

    The definitive tried-and-tested Curious mixed case: our 6 best-selling reds and 6 best-selling whites.

  • Sale

    Woodstock ‘Deep Sands’ Shiraz-Cabernet 2014

    16.99 11.50

    Strapping, velvety best-selling Shiraz-Cabernet aged in French and American oak for two years.

  • Sale

    Woodstock ‘Little Miss Collett’ Moscato 2015 (500 ml)

    13.99 9.99

    A lover of fashion and style, Little Miss Collett is known for her vibrancy and “breath of fresh air” confident demeanour.

  • Sale

    March All White Case of the Month

    185.88 145.00

    Premium all white mix featuring Italy, France, Chile and Australia, including the wines of Château Bauduc and Casas del Bosque.

  • Sale

    March All Red Case of the Month

    187.88 145.00

    Premium reds mix featuring Italy, France, Chile and Argentina, and including two new Malbec.

  • Sale

    March Case of the Month

    186.88 145.00

    Premium mix featuring Italy and France, new Malbec, and the wines of Château Bauduc and Casas del Bosque.

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