Wedding Wine Tips

  • How much you will need

    When providing wine throughout a meal, the rule of thumb is around half a bottle per person. This may sound generous, but it does mean that you’re unlikely to run out.

    Expect to get 5 glasses out of each bottle (hence two and a half glasses for each person). You should get 7-8 glasses out of a bottle of bubbly.

  • Negotiation of corkage

    Most hotels charge corkage, which is a handling fee for each bottle opened. More often than not, there is room for negotiation, so bargain hard.

    The hotel that wants your business the most will not stick their arm in when it comes to corkage.

  • Food matching

    We are happy to guide you when matching your food with the right wine. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Most well-made wines are food friendly and we would not sell a wine to you if we didn’t think it was.

    If you are thinking of matching a red wine with meat dishes and a white wine with fish or chicken, you’re on the right track.

  • The red and white split

    We would suggest roughly 60% white, 40% red, although it may depend on how well you know your audience.

    People tend to buy more white wine for a summer wedding and more red in the winter.