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John Quarisa, Australian winemaker

Curious about Quarisa Wines

You know that feeling you get when someone has an infectious grin? Almost as soon as you see them, you can’t help but smile back at them? That’s Johnny Quarisa: highly esteemed winemaker, wine judge, and someone who believes in not taking life too seriously.

The remains of the eponymous windmill on the estate of Château Moulin de Peyronin

Château Moulin de Peyronin

Château Moulin de Peyronin is a refreshing take on the many, MANY Bordeaux wineries. Aged only 25, Franck and Véronique Terral bought the winery in 2006 with the desire to farm organically, while using their combined backgrounds in viticulture, oenology and commercial wine studies to create a business.