Tuscany: The beating heart of Italy

Located in central Italy along the Tyrrhenian coast, Tuscany is renowned worldwide for its robust and food friendly wines. For centuries, since as far back as the 8th century BC, the art of wine making has been continually refined with each generation that has past, adding the knowledge and skill required to get the best out of this already very special terroir.

Tuscany experiences a warm Mediterranean climate, but fortunately for viticulturists, around two thirds of the regions terrain is elevated, so many of the vineyards are situated above 500 feet where grapes won’t get baked and over-ripen. Here, there is high diurnal temperature variation, meaning that during the day, there is a huge difference between the highest temperature reached, and the lowest temperature reached.
This temperature variation is one of the reasons that Sangiovese thrives so well in Tuscany. With such long hours of uninterrupted sunlight, the grapes develop high acid and high sugar levels. The low temperatures at night preserve this wonderful balance and lock in those enticing aromatics.
Poor soils result in relatively low yields, leading to high quality parcels of fruit, which probably explains why Tuscany is producing the third highest level of DOC and DOCG wines in Italy (click here to read more about DOC and DOCG).
The Chianti zone is Tuscany’s largest classified wine region. Since 1996, Chianti is permitted to include as little as 75% Sangiovese, a maximum of 10% Canaiolo, up to 10% of the white wine grapes Malvasia and Trebbiano and up to 15% of any other red wine grape grown in the region, such as Cabernet Sauvignon. This variety of grapes may explain why Chianti can vary widely from producer to producer.
For a more practical approach to Tuscany, check out Dievole’s Sangiovese, Malvasia and Chianti Classico

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