The scores are in & Stelvin wins (for the whites anyway)

Had I had the motivation I would have done it myself, but I’m not the one bottling over 10,000 cases next month. As I hope to bring the cork vs screwcap debate to a close for the time being (it will raise its ugly head again no doubt) I want to show you the hard work and conclusion of Gavin Quinney‘s recent survey which received over 1,100 responses. I think it gives a pretty accurate indication of consumer views today.

For whites and rosés screwcap wins hands down, but interestingly cork puts up a strong fight in the red corner. Does this mean Gavin will be bottling whites and rosés under Stelvin (screwcap) this year? I hope so.

We’ve come a long way since 2002, the vintage of Gavin’s screwcap experiment on the Bauduc whites. These subjects are still drinking perfectly today, which for me proves all you need to prove, but why did he go back to cork so quickly afterwards? He explains that customer reaction, including that of restaurateurs, showed people were not quite ready to accept Stelvin at that time. In addition, he had managed to source better quality cork for a better closure. It would seem all he was waiting for was for our perception to change.

Other news on the Château Bauduc front, the Hotel du Vin group, with fourteen locations in England and Scotland, have chosen Bauduc’s red, white and rosé for their premium house wines. This adds another very impressive stripe to the range, bringing further prestige and recognition to a great quality brand. Although I would say that anyway. But I really mean it. Honestly. I do.

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