The carpet gets it again (on a sad day)

The first weekend in January is a milestone in itself. Those first few days of the New Year can seem a little bleak at first as we emerge from a week or so of heavy indulgence, a lot of highs and maybe even a few lows.

So there I was Friday night, being very sensible. Two glasses of wine Crane Lake Pinot Noir, a lovely little drop, with a cracking meal the youngest brother had prepared.

Neither of us had had the best day after hearing the family dog of thirteen years had died (@curiousmolly‘s best friend, Sophie, AKA the “Beast”, pictured, will truly be missed), and it was not made any better after I decided to kick over my second glass of red onto the carpet shortly after retiring to the sofa post dinner.

This was my second time in the space of a month, so I was better prepared this time round for how to save the carpet. It’s a cream colour… of course.

One of the keys things is to work quickly. Dilute the spillage area with water, using your hand to sprinkle it evenly. Don’t be tempted to rub or wipe red wine stained fabric as you’re more likely to further deepen the stain. Just blot or dab with a cloth or towel.

It is important to keep the stain damp. Don’t allow it to dry out. Once you have blotted up most of the wine and applied the water, you have bought some time. If you have a bottle of carpet stain remover now is the time to use it. If not, I think the most simple stain remover that most people will have immediate access to is a combination of lukewarm water (2 cups), soap or detergent (1 tbsp), and white vinegar (1 tbsp).

Blot the area with the solution using a clean cloth, then dry with a clean towel as you go. Once it looks like the stain has been lifted, apply a clean damp cloth, using cold water this time, before drying again with a clean towel.

Other methods include throwing white wine over the stain, or sprinkling over some salt. These will both buy you time, but you’ll still need to follow-up with a proper clean. Unless stained carpets don’t bother you. I have also read  that hydrogen peroxide is one of the best cleaning agents for spillages, on clothing as well as carpets. Mix it with equal parts soap/detergent. If applying to clothes, wash them in the washing machine afterwards to complete the clean-up.

And there you have it. Spill away to your hearts content.

RIP Sophie x


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