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The challenge for the modern winemaker

The 6th edition of the International Seminar on Successful Wines & Styles was held last week in Argentina. Twelve winemakers from around the world focused their lectures on how wines of the future should be, and the general consensus was fruity and sweet, with less oak and lower alcohol.

Turning juice into wine (2/2)

There are several types of vessels in which the fermentation process can take place. Anything from a small plastic bucket in someones home, to old oak barrels or massive temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. It's all being done.

Turning juice into wine (1/2)

With early harvests across Europe, it's around about now that winemakers will be commencing or monitoring the fermentation process - put simply, that all important conversion of sugar to alcohol. Open up a fermentation tank and it will look like a boiling pot of grape juice.

Yeast: Our little sugar munching friend

There's nobody else in the wine world who could put it quite so elegantly:"yeast, microscopic, single-celled fungi, having round to oval cells which reproduce by forming buds, are vital to the alcoholic fermentation process, which, starved of oxygen, transforms grape juice to wine.