Meet the Team

We’ve been bringing our love for great wine and great service to Irish wine lovers since 2008. In addition to supplying customers from our warehouse shop in Cork, we deliver to thousands of online customers nationally, have proudly supplied the wine to hundreds of weddings, and service a growing commercial client base of bars, restaurants and hotels across Ireland.

Michael Kane

Chief Taster/Glass Washer/Floor Sweeper/Not a lot else

Not a lot of people know this, but Mike’s greatest achievement was winning a gold medal with the Irish fencing team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He’s also a Michelin-starred chef, having worked as Executive Head Chef at Le Meurice in Paris in the late 90s. And he’s killed a dragon with his bare hands, after it attacked a small school in West Cork and bit his leg off.

We suspect much of the above is completely untrue. What we do know is that he drinks too much wine, loves 80s rock music and gets very grumpy when Liverpool lose.

Becky Keating

The Gal Who Does All The Actual Work

A younger vintage in comparison to the rest of the team, Becky is new to the world of wines and all in between. Keen to learn and taste the wines of the world, her background is in more of the musical notes.

Having always been fittingly curious about wine, Becky, the only Cork native, is just starting the long and winedy and sometimes stumbly path of the wine business.

Pete Vickers

Commercial Sales & Curious Wine Advocate

The Kiwi has landed! Well sort of, considering they are a flightless bird; a bit like Pete then, very grounded.

Having arrived in Ireland during the boom back in 2001, it seems Pete has been in wine all his life, bathing, drinking and of course selling the stuff, so he thinks he knows what he is talking about. And talk he does! Based in Kerry and flapping his flightless wings across Munster and beyond, the only way to get rid of him or shut him up is to buy wine from him.

Just don’t mention Ireland beating the All Blacks [twice, Pete, twice!] or ask what his favourite Old World wine is as he still believes New Zealand is the spiritual home of Sauvignon Blanc.

Mary Kane

The Money Minder & First Lady of Sauvignon Blanc

The lovely Mary is the bedrock and better half of the Curious Wines management team, making sure the bills get paid and Mike comes home from his frequent vineyard forays.

Hailing from a dairy farm in the beautiful County Waterford, the long-suffering “Lady Sauvignon” is well-versed in dealing with intractable beasts in their element wandering fields all day, having been married to one for almost 20 years.