Easy-peasy Frittata

When I was first coming up with recipes for Lookandtaste, this Frittata video was one of the first to be included as it is a recipe that I actually cook for myself when I have no idea what to make for dinner, am short of time and only have a handful of veggies and some eggs in the fridge. It is one of those classics that you just need to have in your repertoire and is a meal that will fill you up with very little work involved.
When myself and Pieter (the other chef in Lookandtaste) were on the set cooking this recipe, we argued long and hard as to where Frittata was from. In the end we agreed to disagree but I am sure that I was right when I said Spain and he was way of the mark with Italy.
I would imagine that pairing a wine with eggs is quick tricky but that is exactly the reason I choose this recipe as I would hate to think that the boys over at Curious Wines were getting an easy ride on the pairing front…….

Mike’s wine match:
Ha, this is an easy one! And bad news Niall, Pieter was right – a quick check on Wikipedia confirms Frittata is very much of Italian origin!
The dish is another of those classic left-over dishes, where whatever vegetables or meats you’ve got to hand can be thrown into the mix, the staples being the egg, potato, herbs and maybe some cheese. So you could justifiably choose different wines depending on what’s in there, but I’m going to recommend a couple of great all-rounders, perfect with not only Italian food but anything with a bit of richness or variety in flavour.
My preference would be red for frittata, and I’m going to plump for a Bardolino from Verona, up in the north-east corner of Italy. Bardolino’s typically light and easy-drinking but with that trademark Italian ‘bite’ that’s great for food.
If your preference was white, you could do a lot worse than staying close to Verona with a lovely Soave, again typically fresh and easy-drinking, and there shouldn’t be anything in the frittata that will overpower the delicious flavours in the wine.
Check out our own Bardolino and Soave from the 100 year old Farina winery from Verona, and ‘buon appetito’ Niall ;)
Niall Harbison is Co-Founder and Master Chef at Look and Taste.

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