Doc Emmett Brown would be proud

Now I’ve seen my fair share of impractical wine opening tools, everything from exotic lever actions to the most expensive and sophisticated electronic corkscrews, most of which don’t last a lick. Only last week I spotted a six piece wine gourmet kit in a shop, supposedly for ‘professionals’. I remember thinking it would be like constructing an M16 rifle from scratch. How many waiters or waitresses do you see in a restaurant carrying around corkscrews the size of army rifles?

Although I don’t see the bottle opener/pourer in the attached video as being the next craze in restaurants and households around the country, it is an extraordinarily brilliant gadget that reminded me of something you might see in Doc Emmett Brown’s workshop. You gotta see Back to the Future III to get that. I mean, did you see how much it took to make those ice cubes? Never mind travel back to the future.

There is of course only one corkscrew that I’ll entertain. It’s the cheapest,  most reliable and easiest to use – the waiter’s friend. I have one at home, I carry one in the glove compartment of my car and I’ve loads here in the shop. Very handy until we finally make a full transition to the superior screwcap. Just thought I’d get that one in there!

Thanks to Catherine at Macroom Enterprise Centre for tweeting the link to the above video ;)

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