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COMPETITION: Win (the final) case of our Top 10 Wines!

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CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY for Paddy O’Donoghue from Cork, the latest Curious Wine Club member to win a case of our Top 10 wines. Paddy correctly identified sprouts as being a problematic wine match – the sulphur in these repellent vegetables makes wine taste metallic. (Hey, sulphur comes from hell, doesn’t it?)

We’re giving away one more case of our Top 10 wines (all-red or all-white; you choose, but no mixing!). For our two recent competitions we asked people to decode a pixelated bottle and answer a fairly straightforward question. This time we want you to *name your desert island wine* (i.e. the wine you love most in the whole wide world). If you need some inspiration there are one or two good wines on this website that might help.

Entry is by social media only!

Facebook: Comment after the relevant status update.
Curious Wines blog: Comment after this post.
Twitter: Tweet your answer using the hashtag, #curiousdesert

We’ll sift through the responses over the weekend and announce the winner early next week.

Bonne chance!


  1. Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc

  2. “Rasteau”
    To die for….nearly
    When is it back in?

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