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Curious Goes Live

So the curiously named Curious, our brand spanking new wine blog, is live. Eight months from setting pencil to the grand plan for Curious Wines – including the vision of a website to set the standard in Irish wine retailing – our fabulous and enduringly tolerant web designer had had enough of my nit-picking and finally opened the final part of our site to the public.

We’ve a load of work to do still in terms of content but I believe our company and our wines have a stage to be proud of. The guiding principles for Curious Wines are to be fresh, relevant and accessible – “there’s nothing worse than a wine snob,” I keep telling Matt as we search for the honeysuckle in a Riesling – and the fabulous and enduringly brilliant Sabrina Dent has set the bar for us to maintain.

I hope you like the blog, love the site, and even moreso love our wines. But more importantly I hope you get our raison d’etre.

Something as beautiful and life-enhancing as wine deserves more than being confined to the mass-volume, brand-dominated, euro-per-square-inch-measured shelves of the supermarkets. If we can consistently bring innovation and fresh perspectives to exploring, purchasing and enjoying wine, and of course continue to introduce new wines of genuine character and matching value to Irish wine lovers, we’ll have hit the blueprint for Curious Wines.

By reading this, you’ve obviously found the Curious Blog. Do keep checking back on us – you’ve at least two giddy, sometimes moderately witty, always wine-obsessed contributors with a ton of ideas for ensuring our wines aren’t our only curiosity.

I’d also urge you to sign up to our Wine Club, as we’ll always keep the juiciest content, and the juiciest deals, for our Curious friends!

For now, very best wishes and enjoy your wine,

Michael Kane
Owner, Founder, Wine-Lover, Dreamer

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