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Build your own cellar one rack at a time!

IF YOU’RE LIKE US you probably ‘cellar’ your wine in some idiosyncratic combination of fridge, wardrobe, pantry, attic and glove box; and, while those spots will do in a pinch, it’s of course much nicer if you can gather all your beloved bottles in one handy place where they can be positioned for optimal development and display.

Since 1947 the Traditional Wine Rack Co. has excelled in the design and creation of beautiful, functional wine racks for a range of clients from royalty to world-famous hotels to high-end restaurants to individual wine collectors and wine drinkers.

wine racks

With their easy, self-assemble sets you can build your own wine cellar, one rack at a time, by starting small and then using the simple-to-use connecting kit to add extra bays as you buy in more Lafite, Screaming Eagle and El Circo Tempranillo. The racks – all with a handsome dark-oak finish – are typically placed on the floor or on a sturdy shelf and back-fixed to the wall through support straps.

The snazzy wine racks start from just €20 and make a brilliant Christmas present for the winegeek in your life. Bottles not included, but we know someone who can help with that!

Wine racks available in store (Cork and Naas) or nationwide through

12-bottle wine rack €20
30-bottle wine rack €45
72-bottle wine rack €90
Wine rack connecting kit €15


12-Bottle Wine Rack

12-bottle wine rack with a dark oak finish.


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