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Secret Parcel Sale: 120 cases, one-third off, but be quick!

Okay so, Secret Parcel time again!

Secret Parcel Sale

If you’re new to secret parcels, here’s the deal. Every so often we have a bit of a clear out. This can be end of lines, end of vintages, wines we’re overstocked on, or great new wines we just want you to try. We cut the price to the floor and offer the wines to existing customers only, on a first come, first served basis.

You pay €109 for a mystery case of 12 wines whose identities you don’t know in advance but whose total value is at least €164.88. This represents a minimum saving of €55.88, or one-third off the original shelf price! Free delivery is included.

As always, our 100% satisfaction guarantee applies: your complete delight with every wine – or your money back. Deal or no deal these are deliciously balanced, fruity, characterful wines, in both colours (we’ll let you know that much!) – so you can buy with total confidence.

Don’t hang around, though, is the only thing – we’ve made just 120 of these parcels available and if the past is any guide these will sell out quickly.

You know what to do! 😉

Buy now

(Sorry, we can’t alter parcels to suit individual tastes – e.g. all red or all white – it’s a take it or leave it deal!)

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