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PRE-ORDER OFFER: ‘Rule of Five’ reigns as Bauduc bottles brilliant 2015

Château Bauduc has just finished bottling its 2015 wines and guv’nor Gavin Quinney is thrilled with the year’s outstanding quality:

“Word has got out that 2015 was a terrific vintage in Bordeaux, carrying on the handy ‘rule of five‘ whereby every vintage ending in zero or five over the last 30 years has been excellent. That’s because the weather in 2015 was good at the right times – the spring was dry and mild, with the best flowering in years, and then late June through July was dry and hot. August rains relieved some of the water stress in the vineyards before a dry autumn paved the way for a successful, healthy harvest.”


Gavin on his 2015 Sauvignon Blanc…

“The grape harvest in 2015 was the cleanest I’ve seen! Normally we go out and trim off any dodgy looking grapes from the bunches in the vineyard but last year our pickers had nothing to do here. Yields were low as a result of the drought in July, leading to extra concentration. So we fermented a small amount of the wine in small, new oak barrels, as the power of the fruit could take on the wood and add a bit of oomph. The rest was cool fermented in stainless steel as usual. In the final blend we used just the wine from the ‘free run’ juice, not the pressings from the skins, to keep the fresher flavours. Our Sauvignon is rich and zesty but has a lovely freshness and racy acidity.”


Gavin on his 2015 rosé…

“In a dry, ripe vintage like 2015, rosé can actually be quite a challenge to make well; if it’s a by-product of making red, when you run off some juice from freshly-crushed, powerful red grapes, the resulting pink wine can be too deeply coloured, heavy and high in alcohol – especially when made mainly with Merlot. But our new pink has 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Cabernet Franc, harvested earlier than for making red wine, to keep the fruit, acidity and alcohol in check (it’s 12% ABV). Pale pink, fruity and dry, it has just been selected as the ‘front page’ rosé for Rick Stein’s restaurants once again – he takes a quarter of this limited production.”


THE BIG NEWS is that we’re running a Château Bauduc 2015 pre-order offer where you can buy the white and/or pink for just €12.50 per bottle, a saving of 22% on the full price of €15.99. You have to buy by the 6-pack though (€75 per 6 bottles) and it’s free delivery on 2+ cases (12 bottles or more). Get your skates on as this is a time-limited offer that expires midday Saturday February 13th! Your wine will be delivered in early March, at which point the partying can start. CLICK HERE TO GET IN ON BAUDUC ’15!


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