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Petit Châteaux case deal – lovely cut-price claret delivered to your door



UNSURE WHERE TO START in our current Bordeaux promotion? We’ve put together two élégant, délicieux, magnifique Petit Chateaux parcels to kick off June and the bank holiday weekend!

“Petit Châteaux” is the vinophile term for Bordeaux wine estates without official designation (those with, the likes of Margaux, St-Emilion, etc.), often going under the vague and very broad-brush “Bordeaux” classification. In fact, it’s where the real action lies these days for us curious importers, as well as savvy punters.

Priced sky-high with demand from the US and China, many more famous designations just don’t deliver value any more, whereas enthusiastic new generation winemakers, aided by investment and modern technology, have produced a multitude of exciting, new, small chateaux. And we’ve put a small village of them into two parcels for you.

We’ve an all-red mix of 6 petit chateaux (2 bottles of each) and a mixed version with 3 whites (including our favourite petit chateau of them all, Chateau Bauduc). Price delivered is €136 for a case of 12, saving you just under €40 on the combined RRPs.

Bonne dégustation!

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