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Free The Mad Hairy Fella!


WE’RE HAVING A MINOR DIFFERENCE OF OPINION with one of our Spanish suppliers, Ego Bodegas, over the naming of one of their extremely popular wines and we need your help to sway them.

Meet Gorú. That’s the mass of hair above that shares a name with the winery’s organic label, confusingly also called Gorú. The dual naming caused confusion for us and our customers so one day we adopted the moniker Mad Hairy Fella for our barber-shy friend and it kind of stuck (to the extent that some newer customers are now confused as to why it says Gorú on the label and not Mad Hairy Fella!).

Now we’ve asked the winery to formally change the name to reflect what customers are calling him and, well, let’s just say we’re having cultural differences over sense of humour. So we’re starting a campaign: Free the Mad Hairy Fella!

If you sympathise with our plight, please share this message. With enough noise we reckon we can sway our good friends in Ego to see sense and give El Beardy One a fitting name and maybe go global with #madhairyfella.

You can participate on any of the social media channels below. Oh, and you also support our cause by picking up a bottle here and posting a photo.


Goru 'Mad Hairy Fella' 2017

Sumptuous blend of Monastrell, Syrah and Petit Verdot that we call the 'mad hairy fella'.


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