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Curious party blows a fuse

Set to take Bandon, Cork and Ireland by storm, the Curious party had been meticulously planned to perfection. The heat lamps were set, the food was plated and the wine was waiting to be opened.

Half an hour before our first guests arrived we were plunged into darkness. Panic set in. Should we get our hands on candles, shine the car headlights through the shop front window or cancel all together? No. No way was this epic occasion going to be scrapped. Thank goodness it was only a blown fuse.

With the curtain being raised and the lights back on, the wine began to flow, and didn’t stop until the early hours. The wines opened received great feedback, and surprise that they were all under a tenner.

"Our first of the night." Yeah right.

"Under a tenner? Even better!"

In the red corner, the Farnese Montepulciano was adored for its light body and drink ability, while the chocolatey Long Neck Merlot and fruity Last Stand Shiraz warmed the bellies of the frigid.

A few arrived with a stigma for Chardonnay, but were quickly converted by Santa Alicia’s Reserve Chardonnay, with its astonishing clean mineral and tropical flavours. A number of guests left at the end of the night with cases of Sierra Grande’s Sauvignon Blanc under arm, while Paarl Heights smooth Chenin Blanc held the South African flag high and proud.

A few sore heads the next day, but it was another opportunity for Curious Wines to let her hair down and have a bit of fun. Like we do everyday.

We would like to say a big thank-you to all who attended on the night, and to Andy, Donal and Edel of Honest Food for their superb contribution. Our great wine was well matched by their great canapés.

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