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August / Autumn Specials at Curious – Spain, South Africa, Loire

SPAIN: WE’RE NOT SURE if it’s because so many Irish people holiday in Santa Ponza, Lanzarote and the Costa del Sol or because Spanish wines are so damn good and well-priced but, whatever the reason, La Furia Roja’s wines are currently in red-hot vogue here. Click HERE for deals galore!

1308 Spain (2)


SOUTH AFRICA: SOME CRACKERJACKS here from the country that gave us vuvuzelas (they grow on you), Charlize Theron and the ostrich. For value wines head straight to the Western Cape’s Tiger Horse and Cape Heights; for indulgence, all roads lead to Kanu. See the lot HERE.

1308 South Africa (2)


THE LOIRE: THE GARDEN OF FRANCE, they call it, because it is such a verdant, luxuriant paradise, producing much of the country’s fruit and vegetables as well as some of the world’s crispest, most minerally, most elegant whites. Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, Muscadet, Touraine – you’ll find them all HERE.

1308 Loire (2)


NEW WINES: WE ALL HAVE our old favourites that we like to go back to time and again but it’s nice to branch out too and see what else is out there – it’s a big world! See all our new lines HERE, including wines from France, Spain and Chile. Enjoy!

1308 New wines (2)


MIXED CASES: WE’RE BREAKING with tradition for August and not naming our mixed cases of the month “case of the month” but – don’t be alarmed – the principle is the same: tasty, hand-selected mixes in red, white or both, at hefty discounts, delivered to your door for free. Click HERE or on any of the three cases below to see what’s in them and to get the party started!

1308 August mixed cases (1)

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