Curious Wine Chatter

Cloudy Bay but half the price?

Mention the name Cloudy Bay and you’re in the company of Bugati, Mont Blanc, Gucci and all such prized possessions around the world. It’s been the trailblazer for New Zealand and can claim buckets of credit for putting this tiny winemaking nation on the map.

The Rising Star of Rueda

Just as its national team awoke as a sleeping giant of international football last summer, Spain has its own sleeping giants in wine terms. Most famous for the red wines of Rioja or the bubbly Cava of Cataluña, Spain is showing internationally that it’s much more than just one or two superstars.

Easter Lent-Busters from Curious

With Easter just around the corner it’s now time to start planning the long weekend and, hopefully, a lent-busting, chocolate-laden, recession-forgetting big family hooley! If (heaven forbid!) you’ve abstained from wine for lent, you can now start thinking about leaping head-first off the wagon ..

Bordeaux 2005: A vintage in demand

It's with good reason that I find myself writing about Bordeaux, so soon after last weeks post on Gordon Ramsay's choice wines from Chateau Bauduc. It has aroused some discussion among Curious customers, making it more obvious than ever before of how highly people rate wine of this appellation.

Curious Wines: Best Commercial Website

Friday the 13th turned out to be a very lucky day indeed for Curious Wines. Dressed to the nines in ballgowns and penguin suits, we took off for Dublin and the 7th Annual Digital Media Awards, where we scooped some great sites and big brands to bring home the award for Best Commercial Website.

Curious Wines expanding the range!

Just three months after opening the doors to the Curious Wines Warehouse, we’re already expanding the range. January 2009 has seen the addition of 18 new wines to the Curious portfolio, all of them now available on the website with, as ever, free delivery anywhere in Ireland.

Dignité Viognier: A Worthy White Partner

In the second part of our two part series on Dignité, we take a look at the signature white of winemaker Eric Monnin. As discussed in our first post ( Dignité: Langeudoc's Latent Potential Unleashed ), Eric's fascinating story revolves around making 'Garage' wine - top quality wine in minute quantities.

Northern Rhône's Great Wine Bargain

Crozes-Hermitage, a wine appellation in the beautiful northern Rhône wine region of France, is the largest appellation in the Rhone Valley. Its regulations are less demanding than that of Hermitage, of which some of you may know produces incredible wine with prices to match.

Time to stop accepting bad wine

I was in two Cork hotels over the Christmas period for parties – the sit-down meals with crackers and hats varieties. In both, we indulged in some of the respective House Wines – you know, the stuff that smells of turps and takes the paint off skirting boards.

Curious party blows a fuse

Set to take Bandon, Cork and Ireland by storm, the Curious party had been meticulously planned to perfection. The heat lamps were set, the food was plated and the wine was waiting to be opened. Half an hour before our first guests arrived we were plunged into darkness.