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‘Brix’ Chocolate for Wine

WHOEVER SAID "don't mix your pleasures" obviously hadn't tried the devilishly good combination of wine and luscious Brix chocolates, now available at Curious Wines. These seriously tasty chocs were developed specifically to complement wine by Dr.

Recipe: Steak Tartare

STEAK TARTARE, a legendary French dish dating from the early 20th century, isn't for everyone but if you love steak and you're not squeamish about the whole 'raw meat' thing it can be pretty amazing, and not difficult to do.

Recipe: Peri Peri Roast Chicken

PERI PERI ('pepper pepper') is a traditional Portuguese sauce that dates from the fifteenth century. Depending on how it's made it can be incendiary stuff, but if you're a bit wimpy you can tame the fiery heat by just skimping on the chillies and Tabasco.

Food and Wine Matching 101

THE 'ART' OF FOOD AND WINE MATCHING is actually a relatively recent invention (1980s); before this most people unthinkingly drank local wines with local foods - and lived to tell the tale! But for whatever reason, today, it's an overly-prescribed area that can even create anxiety for some people.

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

It’s been a while since we posted a recipe (or anything at all – sorry about that) but today that sad drought ends with a scrumptious cake from ace chef Brendan Cashman of Gallo & Galetti, who claims that his creation will “leave your guests in a happy daze.

Autumn Supper Club in Dublin & Cork

Here's one for the foodies. Seasons Supper Club is a nomadic-type pop up Supper Club run by Bridin Carey, Conal Markey and Richard Speedie, three contestants of Masterchef Ireland 2011, who have come together to create a night of culinary greatness in a relaxed atmosphere.

My friend, the lamb burger

Ah, the glorious burger. What's not to like? Do it on the barbecue if summer ever decides to show her face. Otherwise, this is an all year round, heart warming hunk of meat between two lumps of bread to be enjoyed with a rich red, or even a good ale.

Toad in the hole & a rich onion gravy to pour

I know this is real winter grub here, but while April is refusing to behave I still have that urge to eat warm, rich, weighty food. The first time I tried toad was when Curious Davide (<-- click and scroll down to view his other recipes) made it back in January. This is more or less how he did it.

Oscar's spare ribs

One of my father's best friends is a Chinese man called Oscar who he's known since university. My parents actually went on holidays with him and his wife recently. He's a great man for the cooking, and oriental style is his forté.

Chicken & fish paella

With 20% off Spain in January and February, I thought why get a good paella recipe up and pair it with a few great value wines. For best results, use real chicken stock here. It's a handy recipe you're bound to use again and again.