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Pork schnitzel

A quick and easy recipe that can be adapted to suit the accompaniments you fancy, or have to hand.   Like most of the things I prepare reasonably often, it's not really a recipe at all so much as a way of getting something tasty fast, with only the main ingredient to track down.

Sweet Potato Soup

I think Matt should have spoken to victims of my cooking before asking me to roll up my sleeves and put on my pinny this week, but then you can't really go wrong with soup.

Prawns, Prosciutto & Prosecco!

With the kids out in the garden at every opportunity this time of year, the last thing I want to be doing is spending a lot of time cooking. Even picking up the ingredients for this beautifully simple appetiser from Niall couldn't be easier, as there's only three.

Wild Mushroom Pasta with Zucchini

As a lover of all things Italian, this devastatingly simple recipe jumped out at me, particularly for the main ingredient of wild mushrooms. If you can't get fresh, don't worry about it, dried mushrooms are great and available in any decent grocer.

Cod with Panko & Wasabi Crust

This week we asked Sean Fee, CEO of Look and Taste, for his favourite recipe from the ever-expanding Look and Taste video library: I’ve had a good couple of years to try out a few of the video recipes we have on lookandtaste and there’s a few that have become part of my limited repertoire, one o ..

Curious Spuds

As Niall Harbison is so quick to test out on us every Thursday, we love a good challenge, so in chatting recently with the Daily Spud, the web's most authoritative and creative chef and blogger on all things potato, we were delighted to accept the task of matching wine with spuds.

Waiter, my mouth is on fire

If you're a big fan of spicy food you could be forgiven for thinking that your choice of wines to dine with is limited. Go into any Indian restaurant and chances are the people around you are drinking either a Gewurtztraminer or the safe bet of the house beer.

Easy-peasy Frittata

When I was first coming up with recipes for Lookandtaste, this Frittata video was one of the first to be included as it is a recipe that I actually cook for myself when I have no idea what to make for dinner, am short of time and only have a handful of veggies and some eggs in the fridge.

Another Spanish champion: Paella

People often eat out when on holiday in Spain and love Paella but would be horrified about the thought of trying to re-create it when they get home but this simple video shows you that it is actually a great dish that can actually be put together in one pan and requires minimum washing up which is a ..

Savvy about your Sauvi

From the unfashionable and sometimes controversial Riesling to the height of fashion and consumer tastes in the last ten years, this week we turn our attention to perhaps a more contemporary great ‘food wine’, Sauvignon Blanc.

Beef Wellington

I always talk a lot about certain dishes being ones that I love or could not live without but if you had to ask me for one last meal before I died this would have to be it.

Wine-matching with carrot and coriander soup?

Posted by NiallI love food and I love wine but even though I know a lot about food I have never really been an expert on the wine front. My biggest problem, and this is a problem that a lot of people suffer from in my opinion, is that I know what I like and I tend to stick to it.