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Top 10 wine clichés

WE AT CURIOUS hate when lazy wine communicators fall back on these tired banalities while speaking or writing about their subject. Wine is the world’s most diverse and thought-provoking drink - how hard is it to come up with fresh, engaging ways of talking about it? Unbelievable! P. S.

Wine manners

"IT IS BAD MANNERS to refill your glass without offering to do the same for your neighbours beforehand. Never fill a glass more than two thirds full. Hold it by the stem when drinking and do not gulp it down as if you have been in the desert for several hours.

Regional focus: Marlborough, New Zealand

In the mid-1980s New Zealand released to the world what would become one of the most distinctive and appreciated white wine styles of the modern era. Sauvignon Blanc was the grape variety responsible, and Marlborough was the region on the tip of wine drinker’s tongues world over.

Chablis: The exceptional Chardonnay

Yes, it is made from the Chardonnay grape, so why do so many people put aside their Chardonnay prejudice when it comes to Chablis? What makes Chablis so acceptable to people who otherwise hate this fabulous noble grape variety? Like all Burgundy whites, you could class most Chablis as elegant and ea ..

The honeymoon's over, let the fun begin

On the 6th of September last year I put a ring on her finger. Four months later, no further on and delaying like all newly engaged couples love to do, we decided, feck it, we'll book the priest and everything will fall into place around it. We were married on the 25th of May.

Australia's 2012 vintage in review

The most significant part of the year in Australian winemaking is long over. Harvest, or the "crush" as it is known, can for some areas start as early as January and for others end as late as June with the picking of late harvest grapes used for dessert wines.

Navarra: Spain's national treasure

Navarra, known in English as Navarre, is a wine region in north east Spain, and effectively a north eastern extension of Rioja. It's a region producing some quality stuff, without perhaps the mark up that might come with some Rioja's. That's not to say Rioja doesn't do 'value'.