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Curious Moroccan Lamb Tagine

From the creator of Curryous Curries comes this exquisite Moroccan dish. An easy dish to prepare (given a bit of time of course), it brings the aromas and flavours of this beautiful country right into your kitchen. Forget the restaurant, become the restaurant.

Curious party blows a fuse

Set to take Bandon, Cork and Ireland by storm, the Curious party had been meticulously planned to perfection. The heat lamps were set, the food was plated and the wine was waiting to be opened. Half an hour before our first guests arrived we were plunged into darkness.

Curious Prawn Flambe

We’re not just winos, you know - with the Curious Blog well under way, we're adding a recipe for you to try at home every week. So allow us to seduce you (yes, just like those Marks and Spencer ads) with the tastiest food and wine combos to come out of our very own kitchens.