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Free The Mad Hairy Fella!

WE'RE HAVING A MINOR DIFFERENCE OF OPINION with one of our Spanish suppliers, Ego Bodegas, over the naming of one of their extremely popular wines and we need your help to sway them. Meet Gorú. That's the mass of hair above that shares a name with the winery's organic label, confusingly also called Gorú.

NEW: Rhône rangers Lavau/Maucoil

BROTHERS Frederic and Benoit Lavau (pictured above) have really taken their family domaine upmarket since taking over from their parents in 2000, switching to bottling their wines under their own name instead of letting local negotiants take the glory, and partnering too with Château Maucoil, a 40- ..

COMING VERY SOON: Real Cali garagistes

"TONY CARTLIDGE sat in the cab of a cement mixer on a nuclear power plant construction site in Washington, reading a book on great California winemakers…Inspired to somehow enter the wine industry he had become enamored with, he jumped into his 1960 Rambler and headed to Napa.