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Rachel Allen talks to Curious Wines

A native of Dublin, Rachel left home at the age of eighteen to study at the world famous Ballymaloe Cookery School. To date, she has released five best selling cookery books (click here to view) and her very own cookery programme has been broadcast on RTE and BBC.

Lemongrass soy chicken skewers

This is a handy recipe passed to my mother many years ago, perhaps it was even a little ahead of its time in Ireland it was that long ago. Although I love satay chicken skewers, this is a nice change with the lemongrass giving its signature Asian-style flavour.

The Flying Winemakers

It started in the early 1980s. Young twenty-something Australian winemakers watching 'The Flying Doctors' on a Tuesday afternoon waiting for something exciting to happen. While September is desperately quiet for southern hemisphere winemakers, it's a different story altogether in Europe and North America.

The Big Move is on!

Announced quietly on Twitter a number of weeks ago, it's official: we're moving!With just a tinge of sadness, just 18 months after opening our Bandon wine warehouse, it is testimony to our wonderfully supportive customer base that we've outgrown it and are moving to the city.

Santa takes time out in Barossa?

You'd think Santa would have enough to do at this time of the year but it seems even the big man has time to help out in one of Australia's best wineries. We didn't think they needed the help but the team at Langmeil captured these pics on security cameras in their Barossan winery.