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Ecova lightening the load

We got a news shot a few months back to say our 2010 South African wines under the Paarl Heights label would be packaged in new Burgundy-shaped Ecova bottles (pictured). First I'd heard of it, but apparently they use 25% less glass than the traditional bottle.

Cortese: What art thou?

It sounds like a girls name, but in fact Cortese is another addition to your vast vocabulary of obscure Italian grape varieties. This is never going to be your next Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. It's not a crowd pleaser in the way these noble grape varieties usually are.

Sweet Potato Soup

I think Matt should have spoken to victims of my cooking before asking me to roll up my sleeves and put on my pinny this week, but then you can't really go wrong with soup.

Counterfeit wine causing headaches

They may not cause a worse headache than what you'll get from your average wine, but they're certainly causing a different kind of headache for the government authorities attempting to crack down on wine fraud involving fake, counterfeits, which is currently at an all time high.

Rachel Allen talks to Curious Wines

A native of Dublin, Rachel left home at the age of eighteen to study at the world famous Ballymaloe Cookery School. To date, she has released five best selling cookery books (click here to view) and her very own cookery programme has been broadcast on RTE and BBC.

Lemongrass soy chicken skewers

This is a handy recipe passed to my mother many years ago, perhaps it was even a little ahead of its time in Ireland it was that long ago. Although I love satay chicken skewers, this is a nice change with the lemongrass giving its signature Asian-style flavour.