Waiter, waiter! There's a hole in my screwcap!

OUR NEW SPANISH RANGE, BESO DE VINO (‘the kiss of wine’), has raised some eyebrows among customers as a result of three teensy holes in the wines’ screwcaps – aren’t closures supposed to be pretty much airtight? The people behind the BDV brand took the time to explain on our Instagram account just what the story is with these dinky dimples.

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HI THERE! we are Grandes Vinos y Viñedos, the winery of Beso de Vino. Here we explain you the holes, the latest innovation in wine sector. A controlled, permeable membrane is put between the properly punched aluminium cap and the inside of the bottle in order to enable the micro-exchange of the oxygen. All the advantages of the screwcaps combined with the natural permeability of the natural cork: Constant results, reliability, opening the bottle without corkscrew, easy to close again, perfectly aged thanks to the controlled micro-oxygenation, total absence of defects, no cork taint, excellent aromas and flavours with no sensation of reduction [e.g. notes of stinky eggs or blocked drains – sometimes a problem with wines sealed under screwcap] or oxidation [Sherried notes] Cheers!”


Okay so, these cutting-edge closures take the best from cork and screwcap to make a kind of ‘superclosure’ – got it.

Now try the wines: Macabeo (white) | Roasado (pink) | Old-Vine Garnacha (red) | Selección Syrah-Grenache (red). All trade under the DO Cariñena appellation and all are just €12.49!


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