Beers ads target wine drinkers – "down with that sort of thing!"

Careful now! Here’s an advert for DB Export beer that gave me a chuckle so I thought I’d post it here. Sure why not?

Perhaps this shows up one of the problems facing New Zealand brewers. That’s getting people to drop wine for beer in a country that has a very strong and patriotic appetite for a product they excel in. In Ireland it’s almost the opposite as more and more beer drinkers are discovering wine.

I love beer myself, and you’ll know by following me on twitter I’m a real sucker for good stout, but what I do know from experience is that there is more than enough room on the palate for both good beer and good wine. If you enjoy the excitement and discovery around food and drink, you’ll know that yourself.

Of course the best Irish beers are not produced by the big players. It’s the same with wine in a lot of ways. It’s those little guys with a passion and a focus on making something with genuine character who are making the best stuff.

A few names worth looking out for include the recently formed Dungarvan Brewery. A very small operation, these guys are starting to distribute further afield and they’re receiving great acclaim nationwide.

Porterhouse is Dublin is another fantastic operation. I discovered them on Nassau Street purely by chance. Try their Wrasslers XXXX stout for a taste of what your grandad used to drink. Here in Cork, the Francisan Well needs no introduction, and in some supermarkets and independents you’ll be able to pick up beers from the Carlow Brewing Company.

Lastly, look out for the Whitewater Brewery located at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in Co. Down. I got access to these through a supermarket and it was one of the brands that kick started my micro brewery fetish.

Feel free to add more recommendations below if you see fit. There’s loads of choice.


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