Meet the Team

We’ve been bringing our love for great wine and great service to Irish wine lovers since 2008. In addition to supplying customers from our warehouse shop in Cork, we deliver to thousands of online customers nationally, have proudly supplied the wine to hundreds of weddings, and service a growing commercial client base of bars, restaurants and hotels.

Michael Kane

Chief Taster/Glass washer/Floor Sweeper/Not a lot else

Not a lot of people know this, but Mike’s greatest achievement was winning a gold medal with the Irish fencing team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He’s also a Michelin-starred chef, having worked as Executive Head Chef at Le Meurice in Paris in the late 90s. And he’s killed a dragon with his bare hands, after it attacked a small school in West Cork and bit his leg off.

We suspect much of the above is completely untrue. What we do know is that he drinks too much wine, loves 80s rock music and gets very grumpy when Liverpool lose.

Lindsay Benson

Wine Evangelist & Head Rooster

Hailing from the State of Maine, Lindsay joined in 2014 to manage the Curious Wines Cork warehouse. A lover of heavily oaked whites, she credits her interest in wine to various gigs tending bar throughout New England, and a number of sojourns in France for work and study.

It was on her last trip there that she met her Irish husband, and the trail led them back to Cork, where they’ve quite happily posted up in the countryside with their collection of pets. Her favourite pass times include baking bread and talking about her free-range chickens.

Paul Kiernan

Wine Sage, Online Guru & the Chatty Fella on Twitter

Paul, a WSET Diploma graduate and recovering wine blogger who drinks two bottles for every one he is responsible for selling, writes all the tasting notes at Curious and is highly skilled at enumerating fruit, flower and spice flavours after wine names.

A keen collector of bons mots, his favourite wine-related Russian proverb is: “Drink a glass of wine after your soup and you steal a rouble from your doctor.” When not engaged in his very important tweeting and copywriting work, Paul enjoys minding his five small children, washing clothes and picking toys up off the floor.

Lucy Holme

Fine Wine Hostess with the Mostest

Originally from Kent in England’s sunny south-east, Lucy spent thirteen years sailing the seven seas and serving the rich and famous in huge seven star gin palaces owned by a rogue’s gallery of Swiss financiers, Middle Eastern royalty, Irish aristocracy, Russian mafia and American wax candle peddlers to name a few. (Unlike Mike, the above is actually completely true.)

Trained as a sommelier (really!) in London’s iconic Oxo Tower restaurant on a yachting hiatus, she has since spent the longest recorded time in history studying for the WSET Diploma due to habitual breaks to have children. She hopes to complete it before her 80th birthday. When not working at Curious Wines she can be found walking her French Bulldog Dougal, juggling plastic toys and chiselling Weetabix of a super-glue grade consistency off small faces and furniture.