Our Core Values

We aim to wow customers with our wines, our service and our passion. We aim to wow suppliers, business partners and each other with the way we do business. We want to make everybody who comes into contact with Curious Wines better for the experience. These are the values that we live by.

  • 1. Create wow

    We seek to create ‘wow’ with customers, suppliers, partners and ourselves by going above and beyond expectations and delivering world-class service at every opportunity.

  • 2. Have fun and be happy

    We think about wine and work the same way: they’re for enjoying but not getting too serious about. We love what we do and try to pass that onto our customers whenever we can.

  • 3. Be passionate

    We’re passionate about wine, about service and about making people happy. Showing and sharing this passion is infectious, people experience it and become passionate themselves.

  • 4. Be curious

    Curious Wines is for people who like to explore, learn and are always open to trying new things. For us it’s about constantly developing and improving, individually and as a company.

  • 5. Be open and honest

    We believe in open, honest relationships and are committed to consistent and fair pricing that is sustainable for both our suppliers and us, and that delivers value to our customers.

  • 6. Be accountable

    Everyone at Curious Wines is individually and collectively responsible for outstanding customer service. We are proud of what we do and we stand over our products and our service.

  • 7. Be appreciative

    We show appreciation towards customers and suppliers. We aim to be humble and modest, and generous with time and knowledge. We show respect, courtesy and patience. We say thank you.

  • 8. Be creative

    Our goal is to be innovators and leaders in our field, to embrace and drive change. We create and innovate to do things faster, more efficiently, less costly and better for our customers.

9. Be resourceful.

We do more with less, thinking all the time how we can do something better and smarter using fewer resources. We constantly seek to reduce waste and costs without compromising service.