A wine retailers worst nightmare

You’ve got to take the odd broken bottle for granted in this business. Especially when you’re working with clumsy people, like our chief wine taster @curiousmike. He will simply never live down the tipping of ‘that pallet’ a few years ago.

In fairness, we’ve all had our fair share of bad experiences, where there’s nothing you can do but put your hands on your head and recite to yourself “there’s no point in crying over spilt milk”. The difficult thing is trying to believe that at the time. I can only wonder what was going through the mind of the manager of this U.S. wine retailer when the following happened. This is on another level to damaged goods at Curious Wines.

It was the retailer themselves, Superior Discount Liquor, who uploaded the video to You Tube. Hopefully it’s turned into a good little marketing ploy for them. Thankfully we don’t use wall-fitted shelving in our store, but that’s not to say that the case on case approach is flawless in itself. Someone did suggest some sort of bouncy flooring system to be rolled out throughout the shop, but we prefer to play the good old game of catch the €50 bottle of wine before it hits the totally unforgiving concrete floor. The success of this approach has been somewhat varied.

Video tweeted by @tannerswines and @bordeauxwines before @curiousjulian brought it to my attention. Thanks guys.

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