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Woodstock Fortified Sweet Muscat (375ml)

McLaren Vale, Australia

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Decadently sweet, spicy wine with rich raisin and Christmas pudding characters, and lavish notes of candied orange, caramel and sticky toffee. Luscious, unctuous and proudly syrupy.

Try with chocolate, butterscotch and date pudding or fruitcake - or pour over ice cream! Lovely on its own, chilled, after a good meal too.

Woodstock, based in South Australia's premium McLaren Vale region, has been making its non-vintage dessert Muscat since 1984. Owner-winemaker Scott Collett crushes almost-raisined, highly aromatic grapes (the blend is 78% red Muscat, 14% white Muscat, 6% Shiraz and 2% Grenache) and adds pure grape spirit shortly after fermentation begins. 
During the long period of barrel maturation the wine becomes even sweeter as some of the juice evaporates (the "angels' share"), leaving a toothsome 230g of residual sugar per litre in the finished wine. Muscat is sometimes seen as Frontignac in Australia.
Alcohol: 18%
Style: Lusciously sweet, high alcohol
Closure: Screwtop
Drink by: 2030


McLaren Vale Wine Show

"Best fortified wine."

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