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Spy Valley "Easy Tiger" Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Marlborough, New Zealand

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Classic Kiwi Sauvie aromas of green pepper, grapefruit and citrus peel, with a juicy, soft wash of tropical fruit, sweet pea and subtle, smoky minerals from a smidgen of barrel fermentation.
The lighter alcohol makes this a perfect lunchtime wine. Delicious partner for goat's cheese roulade or tomato and basil salad.
In the pre-1990s era wines were typically lower in alcohol than what we see today. Things changed, then, and alcohol crept up (for a variety of reasons), cresting gloriously in the mid-noughties. But the pendulum has since swung back, with influential (esp. British) consumer wine publications favouring "lighter, fresher styles;" and consumers themselves opting in increasing numbers for lower-alcohol bottles, whether due to drink-driving laws, health/beauty concerns or badgering from Decanter. So low-alcohol wines are hot!
Wineries can reduce a wine's alcohol content by various methods: harvest earlier, irrigate more (where allowed), add water to the ferment (ditto), reverse osmosis (the techie solution) or use yeasts that are "less efficient" at turning grape sugars into alcohol. Usually when alcohol in wine goes down, sweetness goes up, but the "RS"/residual sugar here is just 3.9 grams per litre - fairly typical for Marlborough Sauvignon. 
€17.99 €12.99
Alcohol: 9.5%
Style: Lower alcohol, crisp, fresh
Closure: Screwtop
Drink by: 2019

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