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Schola Sarmenti Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

Puglia, Italy

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An exceptional extra virgin olive oil guaranteed to exalt any pasta or salad to divine levels.
Organic winery Schola Sarmenti is also blessed with open groves of beautiful, ancient olive trees, huge scultures punctuating the landscape of the organic Salento estate that date back thousands of years. Their massive, gnarly trunks and branches stand like amazing living statues, in the summer teeming with golden, precious drops of fruit and producing the most incredible scents and flavours of Salento. The olives are all picked by hand directly from the trees, the very best of which find their way into the extra virgin oil.
Classification: Upper Category Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive variety: Cellina from Nardò
Production area: Nardò, Salento
Harvesting: Traditional method in which the olives are picked up by hand.
Process: Oil is obtained through mechanical methods only. Olives are squeezed within 24 hours using the continual extraction process at checked temperature.
Colour: Light green with golden shades
Bouquet: Fragrant, it opens harmoniously giving off an elegant fruity aroma with almond hint on the finish.
Flavour: Intense and aromatic, showing fruity notes and an almond aftertaste. Slightly bitter finish with some mild peppery notes.

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