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Richmount Elderflower Cordial (500ml)

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"We are passionate that only the freshest flowers and purest ingredients go into our elderflower cordial - made from pure, natural ingredients without any concentrate or artificial sweeteners, flavourings, additives, colourings, or sulphites.
The elderflowers we use are hand-picked on dry days when the petals are open and fragrant. They are infused and blended with sugar and freshly-cut lemons. The cordial is then filtered, bottled, gently pasteurised and packaged for distribution."
Dilute to taste with chilled sparkling water or Prosecco for a refreshing floral drink!
TRY YOUR HAND at the Curious Hugo Cocktail - one of our favourites!
Curious Hugo:
1 part Rosemount Irish-made Elderflower Cordial
Squeeze of lemon
Splash of San Pellegrino or other sparkling water to fill (optional)
Lemon wedge, lime wheels & mint sprigs to garnish
Combine ingredients in a large wine glass over ice, give it a little stir, then sit back and chill.





John & Sally McKennas' Guides

There is an élan to David and Martina’s Richmount Cordials, and it's not confined to the exuberant flavour of this splendiferous elderflower cordial. Even before you twist the cap and break the seal, the classy typography of the label is utterly winning: this is one of the most handsome new drinks to have appeared in Irish artisan food in yonks.
And the taste of the cordial itself, then, is clean and fresh: light, sunshiney, thirst-slakingly refreshing. To say it tastes ‘home made’ is to pay it the biggest compliment possible: what David and Martina have managed to do is to capture that essence of summer sunshine that the elderflower incarnates, and they have then decanted that essence into a bottle. Richmount is the most cordial of cordial, and with many new cordial drinks entering the market, make sure that you choose the real thing when you want a drink that hits the spot, overtime. Richmount is the real deal.

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