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June All-White Case of the Month

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€177.88 €140.00
JUNE'S CASE OF THE MONTH welcomes back our wine of the year for 2017, the simply sublime Spring Lamb Syrah from Elysian Springs, alongside a brand new addition from the Adelaide Hills vineyard, the Pennies From Heaven Sauvignon Blanc.
Australia makes up a further 5 of the 12 wines in the mix, including two new wines from John Quarisa of Johnny Q and 30 Mile fame - The Great Bonza Shiraz-Cab and the Caravan Pinot Grigio. In addition, there's two Bordeaux red from the 2015 and 2016 vintages, two crisp, Sauvi-based Bordeaux whites, and our biggest selling wine of them all, the new vintage 2017 Better Half Sauvignon Blanc.
June's ALL WHITE Case of the Month contains:
2 x Elysian Springs Pennies From Heaven Sauvignon Blanc (Adelaide Hills, Australia) RRP €19.99
2 x The Better Half Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand) RRP €14.99
2 x Les Hauts de Bel Air Bordeaux Blanc (Bordeaux, France) RRP €14.99
2 x Caravan Pinot Grigio (Adelaide Hills, Australia) RRP €12.99
2 x Grangeneuve Bordeaux Blanc (Bordeaux, France) RRP €12.99
2 x 30 Mile Chardonnay (South Australia, Australia) RRP €12.99
Normal price combined is €177.88, it's yours delivered for €140. Bonza!


€177.88 €140.00

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