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October All Reds Mixed Case

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€158.88 €125.00
October's all-red case of the month is an eclectic mix encompassing a deliciously sweet-fruited Cab from top Argentinian winemaker Susana Balbo, two wines from Languedoc royalty Gassac, a juicy Italian Barbera and more. One of our best yet! It's free delivery, as always, and almost €34 off per case.
This box is all reds but All-White and Mixed versions are available too.
2 x Posada Merlot (Famatina Valley, Argentina)
2 x Riva Leone Barbera (Piemonte, Italy)
2 x Gassac Grenache (Languedoc)
2 x Statua Negroamaro (Puglia, Italy)
Normal price combined €158.88, mixed case price €125 (save €33.88).


€158.88 €125.00

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