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Grangeneuve Bordeaux Blanc 2017

Bordeaux, France

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Cool, tingly aromas of gooseberry and celery emanate from the glass, and give a true indication of what is to follow: a light, tart wash that refreshes the senses and palate, and shows nice peppy lemon and nettle flavours.

Try with goat's cheese pasta salad and toasted almonds.

This straight (unblended) Sauvignon Blanc is made in the modern style, meaning that it is handled carefully at every stage of winemaking, fermented at low temperatures to preserve naturaly fruitiness and protected at all times from the ravages of oxygen. Much contemporary white Bordeaux is made this way, the other style being more expensive, oaked, long-lived Semillon-Sauvignon blends.

€12.99 €10.99
Alcohol: 11.5%
Style: Crisp, light, herbacious
Closure: Cork
Drink by: 2017

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