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Stéphane Berg 'Cuvée Exceptionelle' Pinot Blanc 2016

Alsace, France

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Gentle and supple, with gorgeous stone fruit aromas and a textured, off-dry palate that has soft acidity and lovely rich notes of yellow apple, white peach and patisserie. Fleshy and tender, with an easy drinking, amiable personality.

Beautiful to enjoy on its own but would be sublime with sashimi or hot oysters.

This delicious white comes solely from hand-harvested Pinot Blanc grapes grown in the pretty NE French wine region of Alsace. The fermentation and (brief) ageing takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. With just 7 grams of residual sugar per litre, it is made in a barely off-dry style, with just the merest hint of sweetness on the clean finish. Cave d'Orschwiller is located in the southern part of the Bas-Rhin subregion.

Alsace is a mostly-white region whose trademarks include: varying sweetness levels (which can be confusing for consumers!), oak-free winemaking, varietal labeling and Germanic-looking 'flute' bottles (which must be used by law). Alsace is one of France's easier appellations to understand as the vast majority of bottles just fall into the broad AC Alsace category. Pinot Blanc, the grape here, makes up about 21% of production.

€13.99 €11.19
Alsace, France
Alcohol: 12%
Style: Soft, fruity, delicate
Closure: Cork
Drink by: 2020

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