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Brix 'Collection' Chocolate Gift Set (454g)

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FOUR CHUNKY CHOCOLATE BARS in Milk, Smooth Dark, Medium Dark and Extra Dark styles, accompanied by a concise chocolate-and-wine tasting guide - you need expert guidance to help you enjoy wine and chocolate together, right? ;)
American doctor Nick Proia developed Brix after being repeatedly frustrated in his attempts to enjoy two of his great pleasures - wine and chocolate - together. After plenty of trial and error, Nick crafted the four blends of what would later be called Brix – the first chocolate specifically made to complement wine
At the root of Brix is single-estate Ghanaian chocolate, known for its unique red fruit tones, mixed with the finest-quality confectionery chocolate. The result is a blend so pure in flavour that it actually enhances the nuances found in wines - without muddying the palate.
The name 'Brix' comes from the US unit of measurement for the sugar content of grapes - or their ripeness, in other words - at harvest time.

Style: 4 chunky choc bars - bliss!

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