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Monthly Love: January

2009 has already been chock full of delight for Curious Wines – we kicked off with a bang when we found out we’ve been short listed for a Digital Media Award in the Best Commercial Website category. We’re super-excited and looking forward to the awards night on 13 February to see if we’ll be cracking open champagne.

Lar Veale at the wonderful is pairing wines with the Irish Blog Awards Foodie Nominees; we’re delighted to be on that list, and even more delighted he summed up Curious thusly:

With a clear customer focus, a great selection of wines and web savvy, Curious will not just survive, but thrive in ‘09.

We’ll drink to that!

Roseanne Smith discovered that unpacking glorious cases of wine is fun for the whole family, and shared evidence of this with us:

Curiosity did not kill this cat – we promise he was wearing a lampshade well before the wine was delivered. (Either that, or this is a cat who really knows how to party.) There’s also great video of her kids jumping up and down on the packing bubble wrap; apparently they later turned the box into a space ship!

Meanwhile, back on Twitter, Curious Wines have been going down a treat with the drinking public:

  • Smallsips: Barossa Babe has seduced me and touches me in places that other wines don’t get to.
  • Davidrconway: Happily working through the new world mixed case. Eyeing up old world reds for next payday.
  • Paul Sutton: Getting my head around the boost graph library and sipping a nice glass of The Lizard merlot thanks to Curious Wines.

If you’re keen on crowd sourcing your wine, check out Barossa Babe, the New World Mixed Case, and the plummy Lizard Merlot.


  1. I’m thinking of setting up the WMAS – The Wine Mutual Appreciation Society. Wanna join?

    Thanks for the kind words and I love the Twitter Love.

  2. Just spreading the word and sharing the love 😉
    Until you get inside one of our boxes though Lar, you’ll never be as cool as that cat!

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