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Secret parcel sale

IT’S SECRET PARCEL time again, with massive savings available to quick-clicking customers.

Here’s the deal. Every so often we have a clear out. This can be end of lines, changing vintages or wines we’re just overstocked on. We slash the price and offer them on a first come, first served basis.

The only catch is, to protect our suppliers and brands, we can’t tell you what’s in the box. But, as always, every wine comes with our 100% guarantee: if you don’t like any bottle for any reason, we’ll refund you for it. We promise, too, that these are genuine discounts – no sly price hiking like you see in the supermarket aisles.

This Secret Parcel has 7 reds and 5 whites (cases can’t be adjusted, sorry) and comes with €56 (33%) off original selling prices (all within last 3 months) – €171.38 worth of wine for only €115, including FREE DELIVERY!

We sell out of these cases quickly every time we do them (only twice a year) so don’t be crying bitter tears of anguish on Sunday or Monday, GET YOURS NOW.

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