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Handy wine accessories from Vacu Vin

We love everything wine. Yes, that even includes our dream stocking fillers – wine accessories. Corkscrew, drip rings, glass markers, foil cutters, Champagne savers, vacuum pumps. You name it, the list goes on.

It all began in 1986 when Mr Bernd Schneider, founder of Vacu Vin, came up with the idea for the Vacuum Wine Saver. His idea for it sprang directly from the taste of spoiled wine. Together with his brother John, an engineer, he developed a device to preserve opened bottles of wine.

The Wine Saver is a vacuum pump, which extracts the air from the opened bottle and re-seals it with a re-usable rubber stopper. Using a re-usable stopper in the bottle, you can extract the air from the bottle using the Wine Saver pump. A “click” sound tells you when you have reached the optimum vacuum level. The vacuum slows down the oxidation process which makes it possible to enjoy your wine again at a later date.

Today, the Vacuum Wine Saver is used in over 35 million households in more than 80 countries throughout the world. That’s impressive to say the least, but as well as this they have had huge success with the other wine accessories they have developed.

The uniqueness of the product range is being emphasised by the fact that most products are patented world-wide to avoid imitation by other companies. The production and assembly is mainly based in the Netherlands and takes place under ISO professional standards.

The full range is viewable here. Delivery is free as part of a case purchase, or when hand delivery is added to your basket.

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