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Easter Lent-Busters from Curious

With Easter just around the corner it’s now time to start planning the long weekend and, hopefully, a lent-busting, chocolate-laden, recession-forgetting big family hooley!

If (heaven forbid!) you’ve abstained from wine for lent, you can now start thinking about leaping head-first off the wagon with some perfect wine matches for a slap-up Easter dinner. We’ve put together a decadent half-dozen for the occasion – from bubbly aperitif to mouth-watering appetiser, through to succulent main course and sticky dessert – all for €89 delivered to your door.

For openers, try some cheeky pink fizz from Veneto – refreshingly off-dry with soft acidity to kick-start the taste-buds. At the table, our two French Chardonnays – rich and buttery Burgundy and equally delicious Lunar Organic from the Languedoc – will suit a range of starters, from most seafood to chicken salad.

For mains, if you’re on traditional fair of turkey, goose or duck, we’ve two quite different but equally complementing reds – Hawkes Bay Pinot Noir and a fruity Morgon from Beaujolais to finish up. And finally, for the crowning indulgence, try some of this glass-coating Botrytised Sauvignon Blanc with a sticky dessert (you might even leave a sneaky half-glass for a night-cap with some Easter Egg!).

We’ve guaranteed nationwide delivery before Good Friday for orders received before 12pm on Tuesday the 7th, with non-guaranteed (but a very good chance!) on orders up to 12pm Wednesday. Normal service will resume from the Curious Warehouse on Tuesday 14th.

Have a very happy Easter,
Mike & Matt

PS There’s a little Easter surprise on this selection for Wine Club members in our April newsletter, so if you haven’t signed up already, do so now!

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