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Cod with Panko & Wasabi Crust

This week we asked Sean Fee, CEO of Look and Taste, for his favourite recipe from the ever-expanding Look and Taste video library:

I’ve had a good couple of years to try out a few of the video recipes we have on lookandtaste and there’s a few that have become part of my limited repertoire, one of which is the Cod with Panko and Wasabi Crust.

I’m into food with a bit of a kick and the wasabi in this dish definitely delivers that. I first cooked it for my folks when I was trying to convince them that video recipes online could work and since then I’ve been making it whenever I’m trying to impress.

Now all I need is the perfect wine to accompany it and that’s where the lads come in!

Mike’s wine match:

As ever with food and wine matching, I look to the country of origin first followed by the ingredients in the dish. The panko and wasabi crust obviously moves the dish towards a Japanese origin, but the tomatoes, paprika and fresh fish made me think of the Mediterranean, in particular Spain.

Matt wrote a piece on Duncan Ferguson and Susana Fernandez‘s experimental approach to wine-making at the Cascabel winery in Australia’s Eden Valley, where a Spanish influence has produced some stunning results.

I think Duncan and Susana’s Eden Valley Riesling would be the perfect match for Sean’s fish and crust-with-a-kick. It has lots of tart, spicy citrus characteristics, loads of minerality with a lovely slaty, dry finish. And don’t just take my word for it – James Halliday gave it a whopping 94 points and 5 stars last year in Australian Wine Companion.

Our thanks to Sean at Look and Taste.

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